About Chromium

Areas of Chrome Usage
Metallurgically,the basic use of the substance chrome is the production of ferro chrome that is used in the making of stainles steel. Stainless steel consists 12-40% of chrome.Chrome is added to steel as ferro chrome which has high degree of chrome. In metallurgy, chrome is consumed as ferro chrome, ferro-silico-chrome, chrome compounds, ekzotermik chrome additives, other chrome alloys and the metal chrome.
In the last years, the 95% of chrome used in metallurgy(chrome iron alloys nd the metal chrome) is ferrochrome.The main use of ferro chrome(90%) is the production of stainless and heat-resistant steel.Because of this reason,chrome is an indispensible raw material for defence industry.
In refakter, chrome is used extensively. In chemistry,it is used as a colour material also in leather tanning process and dry battery production.79% of the consumption of this substance in the world is the metallurgy industry ,13% is chemistry,9% is refakter .
Its usage in industry is limited when compared to chemical compounds and physical features, however developments in technology make these limitations more flexible.
World’s chrome reserves
The total of chrome resouces worldwide is 7.6 billion tons. 3.6 billions of it are rezerves. The majority of world’s resources are stratiform beds.Beds processed economically are in The Republic of South Africa, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe, Finland,India, Turkey, Iran, The Philippines, Cuba , Brazil.
The amount of production worldwide: Annual production of world’s reserves is 13-15 billion tons. In 2003 that is 13.5 billion tons, in 2004 14 billion tons (2004 USGS). South Africa has 47% of it with 6.5 billion tons in 2004 Kazakhstan has 2.4 billion tons, India 1.9 bililon tons
The annual increase in consumption is about 5 %.Whereas not many new countries are entering the world’s chrome market, it appears that the countries like Greece ,Serbia (Yugoslavia) and Pakistan are now out of the market due to the decrease or end in their reserves.
Chrome production in Turkey
Turkey has always had an important share in the world’s chrome market.For some years, Turkey is the first in production, for many years, the third or the sixth.It is estimated that until now Turkey has produced 47 billion tons of chrome.
Chrome Beds and Reserves in Turkey
Ultrabazik rocks (generally called peridodit ,) which contain chrome beds cover a wide area in Turkey .In Turkey there are about 1000 beds and reserves in single or group form.
It is stated that in Turkey , chrome reserves which have more than 20% Cr2O3 content are about 26 billion tons.
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